Artos Towel Warmer

Artos is an American company dedicated to creating high-quality home furnishings at an affordable price. They are especially well-known for their exemplary Artos towel warmer.

These warmers are so efficient and effective that they can double as space heaters, providing a gentle warmth to your bathroom.

With a warm bath towel and a warm bathroom, stepping out of the shower becomes far less daunting!

Artos has a wide variety of styles and sizes in their line of towel warming racks, but two, in particular, are exceptionally popular.

So I’m writing this Best Artos Towel Warmer Reviews to help you choose which Artos towel rack is right for you.

TopĀ Artos Towel Warmer Review


Artos M11175H-BN 44″H X 30″W Denby Towel Warmer Hydronic Brushed Nickel

Artos towel warmer


The Denby model is a basic ladder-style towel warmer. There are 22 cross bars situated in three groups: the top is four bars, the middle is seven bars, and the remaining 11 bars are grouped in the lower half of the unit.

The crossbars are close together, so your towels will have maximum surface area in contact with the heating element. The brushed nickel finish is soft and low maintenance-brushed finishes do not display fingerprints and water spots as easily as bright polished finishes.

This Artos towel drying rack is big–44 inches tall and 30 inches wide. It can fit many towels and is perfect for large restrooms used by many people. It is also great for warming bathrobes and blankets.

This Artos towel warmer is a hydronic system, meaning it is not powered by the electrical system. Instead, it attaches to a closed hot water system, so it uses no extra electricity.

Hydronic systems are more energy efficient than electrical systems, and they are also more effective. This Artos towel rack will not only heat your towels but can also act as a heater for your whole bathroom.

Typically, people will pump their central air conditioner through the whole house just to ensure the bathroom is warm when they climb out of the shower.

With this Artos warmer, it will save you the electricity of heating your bathroom with your central heating and also provide you with a comforting, luxurious warm towel when you finish showering.

This model creates about 1385 BTUs of energy. This warmer comes with a five-year warranty, so it is certain to last a long time.

However, the warranty is voided if it is incorrectly installed, and hydronic units are far more difficult to install than electrical units, so you may want to enlist the help of a plumber to make sure your unit is installed properly.

M06845H-BN Denby Brushed Nickel Hydronic Towel Warmer 27 x 18″

Artos towel warmer


This Artos towel warming rail is very similar to the previous one. It is also a part of the Denby line. It has the same brushed nickel finish and the same ladder-style design with straight crossbars.

However, it is quite a bit smaller. It is only 18 inches across and 27 inches tall. The 18-inch width makes it one of the most slender warmers on the market, and it can fit in very confined spaces.

It only has two groups of bars. The top group has four bars, and the bottom has ten. As with the previous review, the bars on this towel rack are spaced very close together for optimal towel drying. Although it is small, it can still fit a few towels.

This Artos towel drying rack is also hydronic, so it connects to your hot water system. This model can also provide a bit of heat for your room, but it will be a more effective space heater in a smaller bathroom.

As it is small, it may not be capable of completely heating your whole bathroom by itself, but it should significantly raise the temperature of a smaller bathroom.

It also comes with a five-year warranty contingent on proper installation, so a plumber is also recommended for installing this Artos towel heating rack. As with other hydronic models, it does not require electricity, so it provides heat at all times without any electricity usage.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach its heating potential, but if you keep it on all the time, you should only have to worry about that once.

This best artos towel warmer reviews should help you choose between two of the best towel warmers available on the market. They are beautiful, energy-free, and highly effective at heating your towels and your entire bathroom.

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