Best Amba Towel Warmer Review

It was in the year 2004 that Amba towel warmer company manufactured their products in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of the company was very clear, they wanted to dispel the notion that towel warmers are only the rich and the famous.

Prior to 2004, towel warmers were overpriced and were available only in the homes of the elite. People in Europe and other nations were warming their towels on radiators and other similar things. Americans had little or no experience with this product, which seems surprising.

The common perception was that it was a luxury item and out of bounds for the common man. Amba not just managed to change this perception but ensured that an item that was considered luxurious become affordable for everyone.
Amba was the first company to introduce this product to the people of America. Within no time it became world famous.

The high-quality stainless steel products were not just affordable but also stylish. This made them immensely popular and within no time they started retailing at more than 2000 retailers across America, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

The company is always on the lookout for innovative designs so that their products are able to reach and gain popularity in all parts of the world. They have partnered with specialized manufacturers, so that they can develop product ranges that are exclusive to Amba.

Best Towel Warmer Comparison Table 

ImagesProducts TypeDimensions Prices
amba-rwh-cp-radiant-hardwired-curved-towel-warmerAmba RWH SB Radiant Hardwired Straight Towel WarmerWall mounted31.5 x 23.8 x 4.8 inchesbuy_now2
amba-safsb-24-solo-24-inch-x-38-inch-freestanding-towel-warmer_smallAmba SAFSB 24 Solo 24 Inch x 38 Inch Freestanding Towel WarmerFreestanding12 x 24 x 38 inchesbuy_now2
amba-rwp-cb-radiant-plug-in-curved-towel-warmer_smallAmba RWP CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel WarmerWall mounted31.5 x 5.8 x 23.6 inchesbuy_now2
the-amba-j-b004-p-swivel-jill-25-inch-x-37-inch-towel-warmer_smallAmba J (B004 P) Jill 25 Inch, 37 Inch Towel WarmerWall mounted40 x 27 x 4 inchesbuy_now2
amba-smallAmba RWH CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer, BrushedWall mounted31.5 x 5.8 x 23.6 inchesbuy_now2

Top Amba Towel Warmer Review

This review is going to break down the Amba towel warmer, a product that boasts sleek features and industry-defining proficiency. In this day and age, people want quality products and they want them at good prices. Look no further! Boasting vertical and horizontal bars for efficient heating, there’s no superior product of its kind on the market.

Amba RWH SB Radiant Hardwired Straight Towel Warmer

Amba Towel Warmer -RWH SB Radiant Hardwired Straight

In any industry, customers are looking for efficiency, quality, and simplicity all at affordable prices. With the Amba Towel Warmer, Amba has delivered just that. With a sleek design and super convenience, this amba towel warmer is the embodiment of simplicity. Why go for a towel warmer, when you can have a product that redefines that very phrase? Go with a towel warmer at the price you want, that offers the simplicity you need.
If you are looking for quick heating and efficiency, then this product with ten crossbars for optimal drying is ideal for you. Take advantage of the discreet on and off switch or the optional plugin or the wall mounted 24/7 programmable timer to set the timer as per your convenience.  The horizontal and vertical bars are heated.
This Amba towel warmer makes of 18/8 stainless steel. Mount it wherever you want and see the warmth heat the room. Available with a brushed or polished stainless steel finish. The product includes a matching cover plate. People absolutely love this product and the ridiculously low price at which it is sold makes it a popular choice all over America.

Amba SAFSB 24 Solo 24 Inch x 38 Inch Freestanding Towel Warmer

Amba Towel Warmer - SAFSB-24 Solo Freestanding

This silver amba tower warmer is an asset to any bathroom. Its solid design makes it the ideal choice aesthetically, but the true value of this product goes beyond what meets the eye. This towel warmer dries towels more quickly and effectively, thanks to its ten crossbars. Operate it as you like, and take advantage of the optional plug in.
Another efficient model with Avant garde design. You can use it in any kind of room – bathrooms, laundry rooms, and dorm rooms. The anti-slip pads ensure stability at all times.

The temperature heats up to 149 F. Standard voltage – 110 volts.  Lightweight and portable and easy to assemble. No liquid in the unit. The ten horizontal bars are spaced in an even manner. The two sets of five bars provide more space.

If you are looking for a good deal on a towel warmer, you need to definitely look at this. Buy it before it disappears from the showrooms.

Amba RWP CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer

Amba Towel Warmer - RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved

As expected of Amba products, this towel warmer comes with a slew of safety features. Firstly, the on/off switch is skillfully incorporated into the product’s design — it also doesn’t detract from the warmer’s aesthetic merits.
What’s more, it features a built-in timer, and conveniently shut off automatic setting, and The 24/7 programmer is wall mounted, for you to operate at your own convenience. This model is also a contender for the best Amba towel warmer just like the other two that we have looked at earlier.

Enjoy hot towels with this product, as it heats up fast. It has ten crossbars for best drying in all types of weather conditions.

Both the horizontal and vertical bars are heated. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, it has a built in on and switch that is discreet. You can buy the optional programmable timer separately. The amba towel warmer is currently selling at a bargain price.

Amba J (B004 P) Jill 25 Inch, 37 Inch Towel Warmer

The Towel Warmer - Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill 25-Inch x 37-Inch

If you have worried about money, there’s no need. This amba towel warmer not only boasts sleek features, and great convenience, but is also ideal for the economically mindful.  If you’re not the handiest guy around town, this towel warmer has got you covered. We’ve talked about aesthetics, and convenience, but this warmer embodies simplicity as well.
The unique feature of this model is that the swivel hinge rotates 180 degrees. Each arm can move independently. Plug in units. Very easy to install.  The temperature heats up to 136 F and standard voltage – 110 volts. Energy efficient.

High-quality stainless steel and not mild steel or brass. The integrated on and off switch has a pilot light that is located at the bottom of the vertical bar. No liquid in a unit. The product is highly recommended and it is best to buy quickly, as you may not be able to buy something similar at these prices.

Amba RWH CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer, Brushed



More than a device for warming towels, Amba has given you a product that does as promised and more. Best of all, you won’t get a headache while trying to operate it.  With elementary instructions and economical advantages, this amba towel warmer appeals to customers regardless of age or class.

This towel warmer made of high-quality stainless steel offers the same kind of impressive performance that we have become accustomed seeing with this company.  The horizontal and vertical bars are heated and this ensures that it heats quickly. Ten crossbars allow optimal drying. Even the dampest clothes dry fast.
Comes with a brushed or stainless less finish and a matching cover plate. This makes the product look completely stylish.  The built-in on and the switch is discreetly located.  What a great price for such a fantastic product. The unbelievable offer can make you change your mind immediately.

Amba RWH CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Amba Towel Warmer - RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved


This amba towel warmer takes advantage of the hardwired technology to heat quickly. The ten crossbars provide optimal drying, which is a deal when compared to other models. The aesthetics of this towel warmer ensures that you do not take your eye off the brushed or polished stainless steel finish.  Made of 18/8 stainless steel.

The 7-day 24-hour programmable timer is a welcome addition and offers a lot of conveniences.  The towel warmer comes highly recommended and it is a steal at the price that it is been offered. In addition, there are several other factors that make Amba towel warmers the best on the market.

What Makes Amba towel warmer the best?

One of the main reasons that Amba towel warmer has managed to be on top of the competition is their innovative zeal and passion to excel. They do not rest on their laurels and are constantly looking for ways to improve their products.

150 towel warmer models are a testimony to their quest to remain the best in this competitive market. This is the reason why their commercial and residential clients are growing by the day.  The collections are always in stock and they ship towel warmers directly from Atlanta. This ensures that the rigorous quality standards they have maintained are never compromised.

Do you know what this means to the clients? This means no panic and frustration and no waiting for orders to be imported. When it comes to energy conservation, Amba products are the best.

The towel warmer collections have always been energy efficient and use minimal energy to operate. The location and unit determine the exact amount of energy that is used. This is most often as much as just lighting a few bulbs.
Digital heat controllers and timers are accessories that can further reduce energy consumption and boost efficiency when compared to other standard models.

When it comes to customer service, it is the best in the world as Amba is unmatched. You can choose to call anytime during office hours and you will always speak with a real person. No automated responses from call centers for this truly amazing company. They see it as their duty to support the clients and respond immediately to any type of customer needs.

Safety is paramount at this company and the towel warmers meet stringent standards for U.S and Canada. When correctly installed they are perfectly safe to use. Some of the product models come with additional safety features. This enables the unit to shut off automatically and ensures optimal safety.


Are the products certified?
All products are certified by the Underwriter laboratory and Intertek throughout use in U.S and Canada, among other areas.  The product certification is done by independent, third-party testing and certification processes. The certified products provide evidence that the products meet the stringent safety and performance standards.

What finishes are available?  
The various finishes that are available include:

Jeeves – Polished and Brushed stainless steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and White, Quadro and Sirio – Polished and Brushed stainless steel and Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antus, Elory Vega, Freestanding and Swivel – Polished and Brushed stainless steel.  Traditional collection is offered in one finish – Polished Nickel,  All finishes are price same for any model of the product.

What is the difference between an electronic and hydronic towel warmer?  
An electric towel warmer gets heat from an electrical heating process that heats the bars. You can install these electric units at anywhere there is an electrical source. They are easy to install and usable throughout the year. All models come standard with the electric version.

In a hydronic, it is heated by hot water using a radiator system or boiler. The valve controls and lets the hot water flow through the towel warmer, heating it and this, in turn, heats the towels. The disadvantage is that when the radiator or boiler is not used the towel warmers may not be used.

Do you offer customized and special order units?  
Are you looking for a unique style, shape or size? Custom towel warmers are available in ANTS, GLORY, SIRIO, VEGA and QUADRO collections. These are available in polished and brushed finish.  If the customers want to wire on the bottom left-hand side of the warmer it can be done as a special order, much like a special customization.

All custom and special orders require a 100% deposit before the orders are placed. They take 10 – 15-week lead time from the time the order is placed and payment made.

How does the warranty process work? 
Customers that believe that the towel warmer has a warranty issue can choose to send it back.  Before sending it is advisable to have the unit inspected at home. Plug it in directly and see if the unit heats properly. If it does it can be a wiring issue at home that needs to be corrected.

If the unit does not function properly, you can call customer service and they can help with the problem. For more difficult issues, they can also instruct you upon further measures.  Keep a copy of the purchase to speed up the warranty procedures.

Can I use towel warmers outside of bathrooms?
You can use towel warmer in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, spas, saunas and any other room that needs additional heat. In some instances, they are the only source of heat in a room. Use it to reduce energy bills. You can also use it in boats and yachts too.

How long do the towel warmers take to heat up?  
They can take 1 – 45 minutes depending on the product model. The Radiant, Swivel, and Solo collections take just 1 – 20 minutes to heat up, as their temperatures increase more rapidly than the original methods.

The Jeeves and traditional models may take 30 – 45 minutes to heat up depending on their size.

Secrets about Amba towel warmer

  • The towel warmer collections of Amba not just keep the towels and bathrobes warm they prevent them from developing a moldy smell.
  • The bathrooms stay warm in the winter.
  • You can easily control them with a simple switch and programmable timer.
  • The multiple sizes are available to fit all types of applications and needs of the customer.
  • You can customize as per the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Customers can choose to use them in multiple ways, which is beneficial to all.
  • Great way to dry damp clothes of kids and for warming ski equipment and jackets in the winter.
  • They provide incredible luxury to your home with their elegant design.
  • It is not just design and excellence that are a priority but affordability too. This is why the company goes to great lengths to keep the products competitively priced even when they are the best available in the market.
  • Whatever your budget they have a product that can match your expectations.
  • It will be amazed and choose from the wide range of products.
  • With new and innovative products introduced at regular intervals, it has managed to retain market dominance.

There is more to come, which keeps Amba exciting!

Amba keeps a close watch on the changing needs of the customers. The new trends and changing tastes are kept in mind when designing new and innovative products. The mission of the company is to bring to the North American market something that they had only dreamt about as far as towel warmers are concerned.

The innovative efforts of the company are a step in this direction. Amba towel warmers have always had a reputation for efficiency, safety, and quality.

So what is next?

Keep an eye for the introduction of new products that can completely revolutionize the market. Keep watching this space if you do not want to miss anything interesting.

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