Best Myson Towel Warmer Review

5 Best Myson Towel Warmer Review- A must Read For a More Fulfilling Bathroom Experience

Have you been looking and searching the market almost turning it upside down without getting the right towel warmers for you bathroom? Then worry no more as Myson towel warmer will come in handy to wipe off your worries.

A touch of European style that brings to you exquisitely designed Myson towel warmer that will give you an absolute sensational luxurious feeling of a spa right at your home or in your commercial establishment.

The company produces it products from 11 different independent countries with an escalating presence but actual number of 50 countries.

Generally, Myson is one of the leading brands in terms of national wide and also worldwide popularity as producing high end products. In fact the company prides itself in positive feedback from customers over the years since it began producing which dates back to an approximate of 200 years.

The Myson towel warmer company therefore understands just what it takes to satisfy its consumers thus producing fantastic towel warmers that will leave you satisfied.

Top Myson towel Warmer Comparison Table 

ImagesProducts TypeDimensions Prices
myson_smallMyson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Bright Finish, PearlWall Mounted3 x 26 x 32 inchesbuy_now2
wall-mount-10-bar-bright-stainless-steel-pearl-towel-warmer_smallWall Mount 10-Bar Bright Stainless Steel Pearl Towel WarmerWall Mounted4.4 x 24 x 36.6 inchesbuy_now2
myson-wprl10m-10-bar-wall-mount-towel-warmer-matte-finish-pearl_smalMyson WPRL10M 10-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Matte Finish, PearlWall Mounted3 x 26 x 38 inchesbuy_now2
myson-wdia12m-12-bar-wall-mount-towel-warmer-matte-finish-diamond_smallMyson WDIA12M 12-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Matte Finish, DiamondWall Mounted4 x 22 x 54 inchesbuy_now2
myson-wdia08-8-bar-wall-mount-towel-warmer-bright-finish-diamond_smalllMyson WDIA08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Bright Finish, DiamondWall Mounted4 x 22 x 38 inchesbuy_now2

Myson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Bright Finish, Pearl

Myson Towel Warmer - WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount

It is just the best Myson towel warmer for your bathroom or laundry room with a guarantee of safety, through approval by ETL.

If you are looking for a towel warmer that will save on your space then care to check  Myson towel warmer WPRLO8 8-Bar which brings to you a wall mount standing warmer  that economizes on you bathroom and laundry room space.

The warmer guarantees you toasty towels whenever you need one free from mildew and dampness. Another added advantage is that they will make sure that your bathroom remains free from damp smells.

A black light switch comes as an extension to this exquisite model and a well coated electric cord for your safety.

A good choice for you who has quite a number of folks living with you in the same establishment as it is capable of holding multiple towels at the same time. The bright pearl finish will leave you with a whoa!

Have a makeover for your bathroom with the Myson pearl model, pop in the nearest retail outlet and buy yourself a towel warmer today.

Wall Mount 10-Bar Bright Stainless Steel Pearl Towel Warmer

Myson Towel Warmer - wall mount10 bar bright stainless steel pearl

Guess what! Another wall mount unit from the Myson company that will delight you with the innovative steel finish embodied in its build .The wall mount unit is flexible, one which you can mount almost anywhere in your bathroom.

So why continue using damp soggy towels in your home? The bright stainless pear towel warmer is just what you need to free you family from pathetic skin rushes and diseases that could be as a result of using mildew stained damp towels

Its multipurpose use will strike you dumbfounded .You can use it to not only dry your towels but other delicate garments such as undies, coats, jackets, baby blankets ,bedding and other garment such as swim suits after some hours in your pool or Jacuzzi.

The warmer features 10 bars, with an electric system running through them. It allows you to throw three to four towels on it simultaneously.  An awesome choice which should feature in your huge family’s bathroom .A must have for your bathroom I must say!

Surprisingly you can leave the warmer on 24/7 on for an approximate of seven days without having to worry of any safety issues.

A 2-year warranty will serve to give you some peace of mind in case the warmer glitches within a period of 24 months from the time of purchase.

Hype yourself now and get the ultimate stainless pearl warmer for your bathroom or laundry room before late it’s too

Myson WPRL10M 10-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Matte Finish, Pearl

Myson Towel Warmer - WPRL10M 10-Bar Wall Mount

A 10 bar wall mount towel warmer brought right at your door step .A high quality and affordable towel warmer to fit you tight financial budget.

It is an easy to install model that will heat up within 5 minutes of switching it on. A right choice for you who does not have the luxury of time of waiting for hours for it to heats up.

And Wow you can now install this model with a timer so that it can warm your towel just before you have you bath in case you don’t need to have it on all the time. Plus installation is easy as it comes with a package with all the requirements you may need for the installation process.

If performance, pricing and appearance are a priority for you then I suggest that you take keen interest in purchasing this model

The 10-bar towel warmer is just what you need to bring a spa effect to your bathroom experience as it will offer you a chance to use warm dry towels throughout the year. Plus a chance of warming a couple of towels is always a guarantee.

Now going for a meticulous fair price, a fair gamble I must say so don’t miss out on the purchase while the good deal lasts.

Myson WDIA12M 12-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Matte Finish, Diamond

Myson Towel Warmer - WDIA12M 12-Bar Wall Mount

If I have to rate this model I actually would rate is as my best choice in terms of aesthetic feel. The diamond finish is just unique one that will leave you in awe. The diamond matte finish is just exquisite.

What does this product have to offer? An interesting question the model is one of the best developments of Myson that features 12 bars a best choice for you if you have huge family within the same housing units.

The wall mount will economize on your small space especially in your laundry room. I would highly recommend as the best choice if you have to warm many towels at the same time.

A four feet cord comes in handy for easy installation and safe electric use. You can use the warmer for 24 hours without any hitch.

It is the best choice that you will get that will reduce your energy costs as compared to using a traditional dryer using an average of lees watts than even your light bulb.

Another good thing about these WDIA 12 M models is its multipurpose characteristic that will allow you to warm other garments such as underwear, beddings and even jackets if need be.

Are you in need of a warmer that will start heating instantly after installing then this is the model to settle for to ensure your towels remain toasty throughout?

Myson WDIA08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer, Bright Finish, Diamond

Myson Towel Warmer - WDIA08 8-Bar Wall Mount

Just what you need for your relatively small household An 8-bar model that is not only appealing in looks but also a model that I can be described as more efficient due to its small size I guess.

A model that you will not be able to take your eyes off once you get a glimpse of it.

If you think that the small size renders it less powerful. The opposite is actually true, it is an efficient, reliable and emitting just enough light to properly warm you towels.

A good one that will work well and one that you will love as it heats quickly, warms evenly and will fit just perfectly in your bathroom. Plus you can improvise a hotel kind of shelf above it.


What makes Myson Towel Warmers the best?

Give credit where it deserves is a common phrase and it is agreeable that Myson Company is rated as one of the best of the best in terms of producing high end and quality products that will comfortably fit your needs and budget.

Some of the reasons that make Myson towel warmers are acknowledged nationally and beyond as the best include:

  • Rich variety

The Myson’s have continuously produced different types of towel warmers to fit different customer needs. In fact we can all agree that what one person will prefer is not another person’s cup of look no more as Myson towel warmers comes in varieties , you just need to check out one that suits your needs and budget

  • Safe products

The company is continuously gaining popularity as the company producing among the safest warmers which are ETL endorsed.

  • Easy to install

Myson towel warmers are easy to install. The fact that most of them are wall mount makes it all better for you. The fact that it also comes with all the installation accessories is a plus.


Common FAQS about Myson Towel warmers

Where can I purchase Myson Towel Warmers?

You can always find Myson towel warmers at retail outlets near you all you need is search on your search engine for relevant retail outlets near you. The products can also be shipped to you following a purchase on Amazon.

How much energy does it consume?

Every Myson towel warmer will consume different amount of watts of your energy. But the engineers who came up with the models ensure that the towel warmers use less watts that even you light bulb. The perfect choice for less energy consumption, as compared to a traditional dryer.

Do Myson towel warmers have warranty?

Myson products guarantee you peace of mind in case your system malfunctions. You can always take back the warmer to the dealers within two years after the day of its purchase. That means you have the luxury of enjoying a whopping 2-year warranty after purchase.

How long can I leave the warmer on and how long does it take to heat up?

Myson towel warmers are capable of working efficiently even after 24 hour of leaving them without breaking down. Meaning you can enjoy warm towels all through. Myson towel warmer will heat up very quickly. The longest it may take to heat will be just 5 minutes which you must agree is a short time.

Can I install a timer on my warmer?

You can definitely install a timer for you system so as to control when and how long it heats you towel. In fact you can time you warmer to warm you towel in the morning right before you wake up or before you need to use it.

Some secrets about Myson towel warmers

If you have been searching for good, efficient towel warmers to no avail, allow me to take you through some of the secrets about Myson towel warmer that you don’t know.

  • Myson towel warmer is an international brand that has popularity in almost more than 50 countries
  • The towel warmers are among the best reliable brands as they originate from a company whose presence dates to almost 200 years ago.
  • In case of any difficult with your Myson towel warmer you can always access support from their site by contacting them via


Your search for towel warmers that will offer you the best service ought to come to an end. I recommend you to closely take a look at the Myson towel warmers . The warmers will serve you diligently with a warm towel always at your beck and call. All the Myson Towel warmers are innovative capturing the latest technology. You will find quite many brands in the market but none can even in the least match up to the standards of Myson towel warmers.

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