Best Runtal Towel Warmer Review

Top 3 Best Runtal Towel Warmer Review- Get Satisfaction from Your Money, A Must Read

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom anytime soon? Congratulations, because you are in the right place as Runtal towel warmer are here to make sure your bathroom remains posh and elegant.

Runtal prides itself with an extensive pool of verse consumer knowledge with a history of production dating to 1950. The company produces towel warmers that will leave you with satisfaction from your money expenditure

The company, which is in Switzerland, has a worldwide popularity in radiator technology. Purchasing a towel warmer from this endeavor guarantees a high-quality product given they are holders of many patents on different technologies.

The original and unique giant inventor in the warmer towel industry I must confess!

If you have been looking for good towel warmers, then you need to look no more, as I bring to your some of the three best Runtal towel warmer. The warmers will suit your every need. Below are some of the best Runtal towel warmer that I highly recommend to you.

 Top Runtal Towel Warmer Comparison Table

ImagesProducts Type Dimensions Prices
b002i093du_smallRuntal TW15D-24-9010R 24-Inch W by 44-Inch H Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric, Runtal WhiteWall Mounted3.8 x 24 x 44 inchesbuy_now2
runtal_smallRuntal RTREG-2924-9010R Radia Electric Towel Warmer Plug-In 29-in H x 24-in W WhiteElectric Warmer3.6 x 24 x 29 inchesbuy_now2
runtal_smallRuntal RTRED-2924-9010R 29-Inch H by 24-Inch W Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric, Runtal WhiteElectric Warmer3.6 x 24 x 29 inchesbuy_now2

Runtal TW15D-24-9010R 24-Inch W by 44-Inch H Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric, Runtal White

Runtal Towel Warmer - TW15D-24-9010R 24-Inch W by 44-Inch H

Enjoy the luxurious feeling of using a warm, dry towel courtesy of the RuntalTW15D. The models bring to the table a white authentic towel warmer that allows you to enjoy warm, dry towels all through the year. This has been the best product in the market, which allows you to regulate how much your towels warms. It has built in power buttons that allow you to choose between, high, low or medium heating.

You will fall in love with Runtal towel warmer‘s touch control system that is no match for any other product in the market. This means almost anyone in the house can control the warmer from your kids to adults without any difficulties.

Using an approximate of 700 watts of you electricity but giving the best output result of 2400BUTH makes it a must have in every household.

Given the competitive pricing, it is time you installed one in your bathroom or laundry room and experience a lifetime of fresh towels anytime all through the year.


Runtal RTREG-2924-9010R Radia Electric Towel Warmer Plug-In 29-in H x 24-in W White

Runtal Towel Warmer - RTREG-2924-9010R Radia Electric

This Runtal towel warmer features the most impressive product that you will find in the market. If you are looking for the best of the best, then I recommend that you look at this brand closely as it has a lot to offer.

The RTREG model is popular for bathrooms and laundry rooms, a combination of simple elegance and high performance to suit your warming needs.

The warmer guarantees you variety as it comes in three electric and three hydraulic versions that will leave you spoilt for choice.  A new advancement in this industry that only Runtal has being able to incorporate so well.

Digital control is what you need for your warmers to keep in trend with evolving technology. The warmer gives you access to five power settings (off/lo/med/hi/timer on hi for 3 hours). An incredible digital combination brought right at your bathroom

It is also available in different versions of both electric and hydraulic as per your preference to suit your energy budget costs.

It is the perfect combination for your bathroom.

Runtal RTRED-2924-9010R 29-Inch H by 24-Inch W Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric, Runtal White

Runtal Towel Warmer RTREG-2924-9010R Radia Direct Connect Electric

buy_nowElegant, bold, and beautiful, let me just say a definite aesthetic beauty that runs naturally in the build of this model is just but the few words I can use to describe this warmer to you

A guarantee that you will always have warm towel after your bath all through the year regardless of harsh climatic conditions such as winter.

If you are looking for a high performing towel warmer, then look no more.

This Runtal towel warmer will use an average of 450 watts yet capable of producing an output of 1536BUTH. I must say a remarkable performance that you need.

The best selection for your bathroom needs that will ensure you towels remain dry eliminating the chance of your house getting dump smells. A 100% guarantee that will keep your towels free from mildew

Offering ample space for a large family household as you may throw on it two- three towels at the same time. It is the ideal choice for your large family setting

Purchase this model at the best of prices that is scarce to find in the towel warmers industry market.


What makes Runtal Towel Warmers the best?

A product is beneficial if it addresses consumer needs appropriately. That is why the Runtal towel warmers can boast as the best in the market offering high end and quality products at quite a competitive deal. More reasons you need to look out for the towel warmers as the best that you will find on the market include:

  • High-quality products

Runtal products come with an inclusion of a touch of innovativeness and radiation technology. The warmers are durable and will serve you diligently all year.

  • Multipurpose

The warmers are highly versatile. The warmers allow you to warm other items such as kitchens, laundry clothes and even beddings and other garments that you may need to use

  • Competitive prices

Given the high quality embedded in this product, I bet you think that the prices are exorbitant. Quite the opposite as you will be able to choose just the right towel warmer that suit you financial budget from the many varieties.

  • Different colors

Runtal makes it easier for you as you will not have to search for a specific color of the warmer for your bathroom remodeling. It features warmers in a variety of over a hundred colors and designs that you can choose.

  • Flexibility

Runtal towel warmers are suitable in almost any room where comfort is prominent. You can install it in kitchens, laundry rooms, foyers, poolrooms, spas, saunas or hot tub areas. This makes it just the perfect choice for both homeowners and commercial establishment owners.

  • Easy to install

The Runtal towel warmers are easy to install into your bathroom. Most of them are easy to install personally. However, a few brands will require you to get an expert to do the job for you.

  • Rich in variety

The warmers from Runtal Company come in a variety of designs from which you can make a choice. The designs include traditional and both modern design for an elegant bathroom interior décor.


Common FAQS about Runtal Towel warmers

  • Is it safe to install a Runtal warmer in a house with young children?

It is almost impossible to find any other towel warmers in the market that are safer than Runtal towel warmers. The digital control is in the system in such a way that it eliminates any potential risk of putting your or your children to any danger.

In addition, a timer also makes sure that the system does not get to overheat your clothes, which results to burn patches and to avoid any accidental incidences that may be catastrophic.

  • How much does it cost to maintain a Runtal towel warmer?

Installing a Runtal towel warmer will not cause your energy costs to escalate beyond your paying ability.

However with no doubt installing one of this warmer will push your electricity bills up to a little. The service you get from these warmers makes the foregone extra cost worth it.

Maintaining the Runtal warmer will be easy except for the additional costs set off by the value of the warmer to your household.

  • Where can I purchase a Runtal towel warmer?

You can now purchase a Runtal towel in the nearest retail outlet that deals with bathroom equipment. You can also purchase it from Amazon and get to enjoy the mouthwatering discount and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Do I need to install a timer to the system?

Quite a relief,  as the warmers have a timer installed. So you don’t have to go to an extra cost of purchasing a timer for the towel warmers

  • Can I warm other garments using the warmers?

The warmers come as multipurpose allowing you to heat other garments such gloves and socks when stepping out into a cold day. Other household items that you can warm include beddings, kitchens, and jackets.


Some secrets about Runtal towel warmers

If you have been continuously looking for towel warmers, then you need look no more as some of the secrets of Runtal towel warmers will make you settle for these products. Some of the secrets you need to know about this products include:

  • It among the best renowned company producing both electric and hydraulic towel warmers coming in a variety of designs to choose from
  • The towel warmers range from small sized warmers to large warmers for large-scale use in commercial setting
  • The towel warmers are an embodiment of a fine tuned European style into their build
  • Also, you should know that by buying the Runtal towel warmers you will have a brand that has a global recognition in your house
  • Runtal towel warmers are just the best whether you are building or remodeling your bathrooms both for commercial and household use. They will give you the look you have been looking for and serve to maintain your customers in your salon or spa



If you are looking for the kind of towel warmers whose quality will much no other in the market, then go for Runtal Towel Warmers as the will give you a lifetime experience. In fact, I can guarantee you will always look forward to using your towels every time you have a bath.

Prioritize Runtal towel warmers in your next bathroom renovation!

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