Cheap Towel Warmer

Here you will get cheap towel warmers list – I have listed best towel warmer under $60 to $120

Are you looking for a cheap towel warmer at the best price? Do you want to replace your old towel rack at your tight budget? In this post I am discussing you about towel warmer under $60-$120 and helping you to find the best but cheapest towel warmer at your price.

If you live in a cold, wet area, you’re probably well accustomed to using a cold, damp towel to “dry” off after showering. Not only is this uncomfortable, towels that sit around wet are a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you live in a warm, dry area where your towels are always dry after a shower, using a warm cloth to wash and exfoliate your face provides numerous skin benefits.

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It helps open your pores and soothe your skin, especially before and after shaving. A warm towel can help soothe sore muscles and decongestant your sinuses.

Cheap towel warmers also make great gifts for those people in your life who have everything. If you’re thinking about purchasing a towel warmer, there are many affordable options out there.

I’ve compiled a list of six different towels warmers under $60-$120. At that cost, they are barely more expensive than a regular towel rack and provide a luxurious experience that is well worth the few extra dollars.

Cheap Towel Warmer Comparison Table

ImagesProductsType Dimensions Prices
lcm_smallLCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer, Drying RackFreestanding21.7 x 13.2 x 35.6 inchesbuy_now2
salon-sundry-combination-towel-warmer-cabinet-and-uv-sterilizer_smallSalon Sundry Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV SterilizerFreestanding12" tall, 18" wide and 13-1/2" deep overallbuy_now2
warmrails-hcc-mid-size-wall-mounted-floor-standing-towel-warmer_smallWarmrails HCC Mid-Size Wall-Mounted or Floor-Standing Warmer. 37.5-Inch Assembled, Chrome FinishFreestanding10 x 24 x 37.5 inchesbuy_now2
warmrails-rtc-mid-size-wall-mounted-or-free-standing-towel-warmer_smallWarmrails RTC Mid-Size Wall-Mounted or Floor-Standing Towel Warmer, 34-Inch, Chrome FinishFreestanding8.2 x 21 x 34.4 inchesbuy_now2
spa-luxe-mini-hot-towel-cabinet-towel-cabi-sl8_smallSpa Luxe Mini Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi (SL8)Freestanding15.9 x 14 x 12.9 inchesbuy_now2
tispro-sx1000-hot-towel-cabinet-24-towel-capacity_smallTISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet 24-Towel CapacityFreestanding0 x 12 x 14 inchesbuy_now2


LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer, Drying Rack

LCM Towel Warmer


This LCM towel warmer manages to reach a temperature of 122 degrees F in only 30 minutes. This warmer is shaped like a rack, so it can be used for bath towels, unlike some others, which only fit hand towels or wash cloths. With six cross bars, it has a lot of surface area for towels to heat, making your towels heat more efficiently and thoroughly.

Salon Sundry Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV Steriliser

Salon Sundry Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV Sterilizer


This cabinet-style towel warmer has the unique added feature of a UV light. The light helps to completely sterilize your towels, so you don’t slather your face in bacteria after washing it. It also has a nifty tray for catching built-up moisture and condensation. This cheap towel warmer can go well with the best budget golf bag.

Warmrails HCC Mid-Size Wall-Mounted or Floor-Standing Warmer. 37.5-Inch Assembled, Chrome Finish

Warmrails HCC Mid Size Towel Warmer


Warmrails is one of the leading brands in cheap towel racks. This particular model is fitted with their custom Filatherm technology, making it safe to keep on 24-hours a day. It uses only 75-watts of power, so you won’t even notice a difference in your power bill. It can be stood upright or bolted to the wall for your convenience.

Warmrails RTC Mid-Size Wall-Mounted or Floor-Standing Towel Warmer, 34-Inch, Chrome Finish

Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted or Free Standing Towel Warmer


This Warmrails towel warmer is similar to the previous one but with some key differences. The most obvious difference it in design. The above is shaped like a long continuous snake, whereas this one looks more like a normal rack, with vertical rails on both sides. It’s also a few inches shorter and slightly more powerful. You are sure to get the same Warmrails quality with this rack.

Spa Luxe Mini Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi (SL8)



Yeah! another cheap towel warmer for your money. This little warmer is another cabinet design. It is perfect for small bathrooms, and it can fit right on your counter. It can still fit about 12 face towels, but may not have room for a bath towel. It heats quickly in about 10-15 minutes.

TISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet 24-Towel Capacity



This cabinet warmer is medium-sized, fitting 24 face towels. It is big enough to fit a bath towel or two, depending on their size. It has two nice trays for organizing small items, but they can be removed if you want to heat a bath towel.

Cheap towel warmer doesn’t mean buying at less price without quality. So, I mentioned hot and trendy towel heater for your money.

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