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Runtal Towel Warmer

This Runtal towel warmer may appear to be an unnecessary luxury, but it’s one that anyone can afford. They have long been fixtures in many cold countries, everyone can appreciate a bundle of warmth when stepping out of the shower into a cold bathroom Chernobyl download. The Runtal TW15D-24-9010R 24-Inch W by 44-Inch H Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric in Runtal White is a beautiful piece that looks amazing in any bathroom Original The Alchemist of Steel.

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Runtal Towel Warmer

Runtal is a Swiss company with their North American branch based in Massachusetts galaxy internet videos. They create outstanding products for the American market that are up to all North American building and safety codes. All of their products have five-year warranties axios.

While most towel warmers look just like any other garish metal towel rack, the Runtal TW15D is a soft white 치즈인더트랩 1화 다운로드. It complements the light colors commonly used in most bathroom designs. Instead of thin bars, the Runtal utilizes wide slats of metal; it almost looks like it’s made of wood mp3directcut. The thicker pieces allow for more contact with the towels for faster heating.

Unlike other towel warmers, the Runtal TW15D also has three temperature settings, allowing for you to customize your energy usage for how fast you want your towels to heat and how long you plan on showering Download the book of the book. It is made of sturdy welded steel, so it is built for longevity.

Runtal towel warmers are built for more than just warming towels. On the highest setting, this Runtal TW15D-24-9010R 24-Inch W by 44-Inch H Towel Warmer Direct Connect Electric warmer is designed to act as a space heater, warming your entire bathroom 슈퍼윙스 다운로드. If it can heat an entire room, you can be sure that your towel will be hot!

Many other towel warmers leave huge chunks of your towel ice cold, but Runtal towel warmer promises that your entire towel will be as hot as you want it to be Insta data. With this towel radiator warming your entire bathroom, your entire experience of stepping out of the shower is sure to be more pleasant from the second you turn off the water Melomans Gift.

The Runtal TW15D gets hardwired straight into the electrical system, so it won’t take up one of your outlet plugs. It is recommended to hire an electrician to install it properly. Improper installation can reduce the life of the product and endanger the safety of you and your family.

The Runtal towel warmer is only 24 inches wide, so it can fit in most any bathroom. At 44 inches tall, it has plenty of space to fit multiple towels or garments. It protrudes less than 4 inches from the wall, so your bathroom won’t be left feeling more cramped than it already is.

A towel warmer can be used for more than just towels. It is amazing at drying swimwear after a day at the beach, warming blankets in the winter, or even heating pajamas before crawling into bed. When it’s snowing outside, use the warmer to heat your hat, coat, gloves and scarf before going outside and you won’t even notice the winter chill!

The runtal towel warmer is a must-have for your bathroom. Its versatility, longevity, and quality construction ensure you will be enjoying your bathroom more for years to come!

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