Best Spa towel warmer for your salon and spa

Best towel warmer for your salon or spa- A review of the best towel warmers that are a must have for your spa and salon.

It is interesting that in the market there still exist some of the best brands of spa warmers at an affordable price.Spa towel warmer are just what you need to reinvent the atmosphere in your spa or salon for your clients comfort and satisfaction.

The spa towel warmer bring to you a variety of towel warmer s in different designs. If you looking for towel warmer for your spa or salon be keen to look for different varieties and get one that will suit your needs.

Also the spa towel warmer will come I handy if you looking to remodel your spa and replace the old warming systems with a new one to better serve your clients in style and around a luxurious environment

The towel warmers for your spa or salon will serve you diligently. Here in this article I bring to you the best highly recommended spa towel warmer, actually among the best brands that are used in well renowned resorts and restaurants around the world

Top 3 Spa Towel Warmer Comparison Table

ImgesProductsTypeDimensions Prices
heatwave-industries-towel-spa-towel-warmer_smallHeat wave Industries Towel Spa Towel WarmerFree Standing 11.8 x 8.2 x 12 inchesbuy_now2
elite_smallElite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer (HC-X)Free Standing17.5 x 10.5 x 14 inchesbuy_now2
spa-luxe-hot-towel-cabinet-towel-cabi-new_smallSpa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi – NEWFree Standing20 x 16.6 x 14.1 inchesbuy_now2
elite-hot-cabinet-warmer-48-towels-cabi-plus-salon-equipment_smallElite Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi Plus Salon EquipmentFree Standing16 x 16 x 17 inchesbuy_now2
elite-hot-towel-cabinet-mini_smallElite Hot Towel Cabinet MiniFree Standing17.8 x 10.5 x 14 inchesbuy_now2

Heat wave Industries Towel Spa Towel Warmer

Spa Towel warmer - Heatwave Industries Towel

buy_nowThis is one of the most innovative spa towel warmer in the market that guarantees you a warm towel all the time.

Well suited to bring a luxurious feeling into your spa giving you clients the most comfortable services that will make them keep coming back for more.

A high quality offer that you will get for your money value. The towel warmer will surprise you with how fast it will warm your towels. It is just a matter of minutes in actual terms it will take only 10 minutes to get your towels well warmed.

It is a compact fit that will allow you to comfortably settle it on any flat counter in your spa room as it has flexible mobility.

You can enjoy a small model that you can easily move from one area to another. It small size however makes it a more ideal choice for a small spa that has few heating needs.

The best multipurpose towel warmer for your spa or salon which allows you to heat other garments such as robes perfectly.

The perfect value choice that you will get for your money that I highly recommend that you purchase as soon as possible.


Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer (HC-X)


buy_nowA model that features simple elegance and high performance. It is built as a cabinet warmer that is capable of holding an approximate of 24 towels at the same time.

This spa towel warmer reduces the number of time cycle you have to repeat to warm all the towels you have. In most cases you just need to warm all your towels once at the same time

Make your search come to an end by settling to one of these Cabi towel warmers for your spa and salon. It is well-built for a commercial spa or salon establishment which involves the need to warm many towels at the same time.

The Spa towel warmer will maintain consistent temperature allowing your towel to warm evenly. The Cabi –warmer heats your towel to a good temperature that will make sure that you towels do not overheat.

Plus the internal parts of the warmer are well insulated with padded heating elements that will make sure that your towels do not get any burn from the heat.

The system is also safe to use in terms of electricity as the electric cord are well coated and the system well built to prevent any power leakage.

Al you need to worry about with this Cabi- cabinet is remembering to switch off the power button after every twenty minutes of leaving it on as your towels will be ready enough for use.

At the end of the day this is a model that will offer you what you looking for. Get yourself the brand today and lets your clients enjoy warm towels all through.


Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi – NEW

Spa towel warmer - Spa Luxe Towel Cabi

The newest development in the towel industry that will leave you awed with the awesome lifetime experience that you will get to enjoy. The Luxe cabinet warmer will keep your moist towels steamy and hot all through

Let your spa or salon client enjoy the warm toasty towels courtesy of the Luxe cabinet warmer. So let your spa outstanding from the rest incorporating it into your commercial establishment.

The cabinet will hold for on average 24 manicure size towels at the same time making it easier to keep most of your sap or salon towels dry all the time.

Worry no more about absence of your preferred color. The Luxe hot cabinet comes in a variety of colors to make sure that it easily blends and naturally fits well into your interior salon or spa style.

The system guarantees you a constant temperature of 160 degrees allowing your towels to warm uniformly. Your client don’t have to go away anymore due to foul smells from dump towels

You can now enjoy more space to heat you span or salon towels as the warmer offers two shelves and a drip towel allowing you to stick in even more towels into the system.

This breathtaking offer will help you make the decision that was otherwise hard for you before as you install this new offer in to your salon or spa.

Elite Hot Cabinet Warmer 48 Towels Cabi Plus Salon Equipment



 This is the real game changer that you have been looking for.

A double-decker features a drip tray and allows you to give your customer a satisfaction of stepping out of the spa and getting a toasty towel ready.

The cabi plus salon equipment towel warmer adds not only aesthetic beauty to your salon but brings an aura of luxury into your salon that attracts more customers.

The towel warmer has the capability of holding an average of 48 towels simultaneously.  The towel warmer makes sure all your towels remain dry and free from dampness and mildew

A padded interior and insulated heating element adds to the package guaranteeing you of 100% safety. All you have to worry about is switching on and off your cabinet warmer at your own luxury.

Quite a relief as the cabinet allows you to set the temperature at which you want your towels to get warm.

A cabinet that you will not regret purchasing as it will return a hundredfold its cost. So get yourself one now and get to enjoy warm fresh towels all year through

Elite Hot Towel Cabinet Mini



One of the best innovative mini-sized cabinet towel warmer model in the market, I must confess.

The mini elite hot towel warmer comes with the advantage of economizing on limited space in your spa or salon. It can be setup almost anywhere in the room without making the scenery congested.

The mini is not restricted to spas and salons but also comes well suited for your bathroom needs.

Moreover, with this warmer all you need to do is remember to switch on the power button 20 minutes before you shower and you can come out with a toasty towel ready for you.

This is the best option for small salons as it has an average capacity of holding 12 face-sized towels or 24 face-sized towels.  The towel assures you of having dry towel always ready for your customers.

You do not have to worry that you customers will complain of unevenly dry towel. Moreover, it has an internal thermostat control, which allows the warmer to heat up to 124 degree Fahrenheit.

To some the design of the mini is not very friendly as they claim the design to be traditional however, I can guarantee the design will blend easily into the interior design of your salon spa or bathroom.

The warmer has no risk of burning or over heating your towel thanks to a well-insulated heating element and well-padded walls.

It is a cabinet warmer that you can comfortably display in your salon and not worry about what the customers have to say.  The small shape comes as an advantage as it can fit almost anywhere under the sink or even in your storage is.

So the next time you think of getting a warmer I highly recommend the elite cabinet mini for your spa or salon. Psyche yourself up and remodel your spa with a new look of elite cabinet mini to keep your towels dry all through.


What makes spa towel warmers the best?

The question you may be having is how special are spa warmers in relation to the amount that you are going to pay for. Spa warmers have a worldwide recognition as being the best for commercial establishments due to their productivity and efficiency in warming towel. Some of the reasons that make it easier to use include:

Ability to hold many towel simultaneously

I guess this is one of the main benefits of having a spa warmer installed in your workplace. You will be able to warm multiple towels at the same time. In fact these warming systems have the capacity to hold an approximate of 24 manicure or face sized towels for your spa and salon.

Low maintenance costs

Spa warm towels will be easy and less costly for you to maintain as compared to ladder style warmers. Reason being you are able to warm many towels at the same time as compared to a ladder style where the maximum in most cases is just 4 towels. Meaning you don’t have to warm towels in many cycle which take up more energy thus more costs as compared to the ladder style

Aesthetic beauty

In case you looking to add a touch of elegance and beauty in your salon then you need to add one of the spa warmers. The warmers will blend well in to your interior décor bringing out eminent beauty. In your working space that will attract more customers. Plus you can choose a warmer of your preferred color.

Small and compact size

The warmers which come in a smaller and compact design as compared to other warmers make it a favorable choice for spas and salons. The greatest advantage it brings to you is that it will take up less space in your working room.

Time saving

The warmers will take up less of your time as it has the capability to warm your towels in the shortest time possible as compared to ladder style products. Thanks to the radiant and direct heating technology installed into the warming system.

High quality

If you looking for high end products then pay a closer look at the spa warmers as they will offer the best service for your money value.


Common FAQS about spa warmers

Are spa warmers available in retail outlet?

You can find a towel warmer in almost all retail outlets selling bathroom furnishings in your locality. Additionally I suggest that you consider purchasing your spa warmer via Amazon to enjoy their hefty discounts

How much space will the spa warmers take up in my working space?

Due to the small size you are guaranteed that the warmer will take only a small space in you salon or sap leaving the rest of the space to you and your clients. You can easily maneuver in your room which will have adequate space even after installing the warmer.

How much will I have to pay?

You may be thinking that the amount that you are to pay for these warmers is so high. However the warmers come at a competitive price that will suit your financial budget. You can also reduce your purchasing cost by getting the products on Amazon where you will get reasonable discounts for every purchase that you make.


Some secrets about spa towel

Do you know everything that it takes to get convinces as to why you need to have spa towel warmer I will prove you wrong as there are some secrets that you didn’t know about. Some of the aspects that I will bring to your attention about the spa towel warmers are alien to you. Some of the secrets you need to know about this warmers include:

The high-end products have made many spas and salons to win, more clients as the clients fall in love with the warm towels from the spa warmers. The spa warmers have a worldwide attracting many consumers as the best warmers for commercial establishments. You no longer have to worry on damps smell in salon as the spa warmers ensure the air stays fresh by keeping spa towel dry. Another secret about spa towel warmers that you don’t know is that they will help to preserve the durability of your salon or spa towel by keeping mildew growth at bay.

Real Also: Elite Towel Warmer



Win more clients by having ever ready warm towels and warm robes for them courtesy of spa warmers. You now need not worry of foul damp smells chasing your clients away from your spas and salons. Improve your business image by installing one of the warmer into your work space.

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