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Warmrails HCC Mid Size Towel Warmer

The warmrails HCC mid size towel warmer is a beautiful, functional towel warmer that is sure to enhance your bathing experience. It is shaped like a long, continuous snake rather than the traditional ladder shape Download the caption to CoachCarter.

It can be either attached to the wall or be freestanding with feet. This is the most attractive feature that you can use it as wall mount towel warmer or free standing towel warmer as per your need next pot encoder. With its shiny chrome paint finish and its abstract design, it is certain to brighten up your bathroom.

Buy Warmrails HCC Mid-Size Wall mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer 37.5-inch Assembled chrome finish on Amazon

Warmrails HCC Mid Size Towel Warmer


The unit comes mostly fully assembled tvpot video. You only have to either attach the feet or bolt it to the wall. Either way, all parts and instructions are included.

It has a seven-foot cord with a three-prong North American outlet, so it will function in any North American 110-volt three-prong outlet mac office 2016. If you choose for it to be freestanding it can be transported through the house to be used wherever it is needed.

It is designed with Warmrails’ dry-element Filatherm technology that allows it to heat quickly without being filled with liquid game above hard loader. It is created to be run 24 hours a day, but it can be turned on and off with a discreet power switch.

It only uses 75 watts of power, so running it constantly is not bound to cause noticeable changes to your energy usage Siri Voice Download. However, if you are energy-conscious, a timer can be used to turn it on and off at the typical time you shower every day.

This warmrails HCC mid size towel warmer only takes about 15 minutes to achieve its peak temperature of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit 무료 이미지 다운로드. With five horizontal rails, it has space for multiple towels, and works best if you fold and layer towels.

The top towels trap the heat inside the inner towels wonder 2017 다운로드. Using that technique, you can use towels from the inside out and always have a toasty towel waiting when you need it. At 23.5 inches across, it can fit most anywhere a regular towel rack would fit, but with the ample 33.5-inch height (37.5 inches including the legs), there is plentiful space on the rack regmon 다운로드.

If you hang it on the wall, it only protrudes about two to three inches from the wall, while the legs are just under 13 inches wide, allowing the unit to support the weight of several towels without tilting into the wall 미니 런처 다운로드. It is under ten pounds, so moving it around the house should pose no problem.

This allows you to move it from the bathroom for towels, to the kids’ room for pajamas, to the laundry room for delicates. It is both UL and CUL certified, so it is definitely safe for you and your family. However, it does get rather warm, so be careful if you have children or pets.

This Warmrails rack comes with a one-year warranty through the manufacturer. It is certain to keep your towels dry, reducing your dryer costs and improving the atmosphere in your bathroom.

The warmrails HCC mid size towel warmer looks attractive, offers the flexibility of freestanding or wall-mounted, and is energy-efficient. Once you experience a warm towel out of the shower, you will never want to go back to regular towel racks ever again!

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