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Warmrails HSRC Regent Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

If you’re looking for the luxury of a spa in your own home, then Warmrails is the company you must meet! They make warming racks for towels, delicates, blankets, and anything else you want warm and dry free design source. The Warmrails hsrc regent wall mounted towel warmer is one of their products that is sure to brighten your showering experience.

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Warmrails hsrc regent wall mounted towel warmer


This Warmrails hsrc regent wall mounted towel warmer has a simple design, with five straight horizontal bars 초등학교 교과서 pdf 다운로드. The whole unit is coated with a shiny chrome paint finish. It gets fastened to the wall in its four corners, and gets hardwired into the electrical box, so no cords will clutter your bathroom jcr. All of the installation parts are included in the kit for convenience.

The Warmrails hsrc regent wall mounted towel warmer is easy to operate, with a simple flick of the power switch turning it on and off 세기와 더불어 다운로드. However, the unit only emits 50 watts of energy, so it is made to be kept on all the time while using less power than a light bulb and making no noticeable increase in your energy costs Download concept utensils. The hardwiring is easy to install, but many people find it much simpler to call an electrician to make sure it is done properly.

Being UL certified, there is no fire hazard, but the wiring can get complicated if you’ve never fiddled around with it before 윈도우 10 업그레이드 다운로드. The unit is created with a Filatherm dry element technology. This allows the warmer to heat quickly and safely without being filled with water or oil that could leak and make a mess 윈도우 7 32비트 iso 다운로드.

This model measures only 19 inches across, so it should be able to fit in any room, while its ample 25-inch height allows plenty of surface area for your towels to dry Artlantis. As it only sticks five inches out from the wall, it should be able to fit anywhere you would place an ordinary towel rack Windows 7 Explorer10.

At less than 7 pounds, you won’t have to worry about it falling off the wall or being too heavy to install yourself. With its small size, it is simple to incorporate into a room, and it still manages to provide space for at least two full-sized bath towels iPhone Flash Video. It runs at the typical 110-voltage for North America, so it should be able to easily incorporate itself into any home in the region.

It comes out of the box fully assembled, so the only work you will have to do is the wiring and attaching it to the wall. It is an especially good option for families with children as it doesn’t get hot enough to burn the skin. It will certainly dry your towels, and even warm them a bit, but even with sustained pressure on the rails, your children will not end up burning their skin.

The Warmrails hsrc regent wall mounted towel warmer is a wonderful addition to any home. Instead of drying swimsuits, towels and blankets, you can simply drape the items over the rails and they will quickly be dry, cozy and ready to use. At a low wattage, it will save money on your energy bills and provide an amazing luxury experience every day.

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